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Quick Update

Ok, I havn't forgotten about this, I got super busy with uni work and havn't been able to find the time to photograph everything. I am however buying myself a shiny new camera with my christmas money this year and once I'm back home (after the christmas-related festivities in Queensland) I will be photographing every single item and putting them up here. The final aim is to have a collection website up and running in the new year so that I can have a handy catalogue of everything I currently have.

The collection has grown massive in the last couple of months. It now dominates the shelf that looks so large in the other photos and with more on the way thanks to the aforementioned christmas money and one of my wonderful lecturers going to Japan and stopping at a Pokemon Centre for me, I will have plenty more to put up on the shelf when I get home. It is actually at the point where I am probably going to have to buy a display case for them all, but that will be a job for another day.

A New Home :)

whole shelfI got around to cleaning out the top shelf of my bookcase today so now my collection has a bit more breathing room... until the stuff I have on order gets in that is :P

ohh... and i finally added the cards :)

cards 1
Cards 2

More Adorables

Gods, I need to stop buying things for a while. Still got a few coming in the mail, but they are just so damn adorable I can't stop. So here we have my 2 newest additions, a glaceon and jolteon pokedoll pair and a leafeon and clear vaporeon kid :D

jolteon and glaceon pokedolls
leafeon and vaporeon kid


My adorable new custom pokedoll charms!


They came in the mail today and are the most adorable things ever. They were made by the awesome Vaporeon_07 from over at the pkmncollectors community.

Pokemon Collection :)

Quick little post of my current (mostly new) pokemon collection.

I have been obsessed with pokemon since I first got Pokemon Red Version when I was about 10. Since then I have played every iteration of the game, owned bits and pieces of all kinds of merchandise and fallen in and out and then back in love with the TCG (Which I really need to get around to photographing and adding to this). About six months ago I thought long and hard about whether I was willing to get back in to collecting the cards and I figured that it couldn't hurt. 4 decks and a collectors tin full of loose cards later, I remembered why I loved collecting Pokemon things to start with, and my obsession came back in full force, leading me to dig out what few old pieces I had lying around the house and make the tough decision of which Pokemon to collect in non-card form. I eventually settled on my 'dream team', the team of Pokemon that I carry over to each game I play once I have finished the original story: Ninetales, Lucario, Leafeon, Glaceon, Vaporeon and Jolteon. For collection purposes I have expanded this list to include Riolu and Vulpix and depending on money, I might eventually expand it to include Eevee and the other eeveelutions not currently on the list.

I am also grabbing any cheap Snivy line stuff and Scraggy as well (there is something about a pokemon who has to hold up his own pants that amuses me) while they are everywhere, because these two are next on my list once I am done with the above mentioned pokemon.

Through stalking of ebay, webstores and pkmncollectors I have put together something that I have finally gotten around to uploading to here, and will continue to update it as I get more stuff (which will be small increments until I get a better job). So enjoy!

French memo board (which I only finished making today!) with my charms, flats and keychains:
Flats and charms

Close up of the Lucario and Riolu stuff, so far my most diverse collection:
rilou+lucario closeup

The entirety of my Lucario line babies... the plush only came in the mail today! By far the best thing to come home to :)
Whole riolu and lucario collection

Some random pokeballs, from coin machines and keychains:

Eeveelutions figures! the internet is a glorious place for making it so easy to get my hands on these little guys:
eeveelutions figures

My Kids figures, have a clear Vulpix on the way at the moment, no Ninetales stuff as yet because it all seems quite expensive.

Servine and Scraggy plushies thanks to the Big W toy sale... grabbed the last 2 on the shelf... take that small children who can't reach that high :D
misc plush

And finally my current (non-card) collection. As you can see there is some old stuff in there (to be honest I didn't even remember I had the Butterfree keyring until I managed to dig it out of the cupboard (still can't remember where he came from) and I'm pretty sure the little puzzle looking flats were part of a collectible game with a magazine or something from years ago.
whole collection

So that's it for now. Have a few things on the way that will get put up in a post once they are all here. And if anyone who sees this knows about the butterfree keyring or the flat puzzle piece game, please let me know what the deal is.


AAAAnd i'm awake again... this makes it the fourth time this week... the lack of sleep is getting to me. I could try and nap, or write or soething, but its just not happening, So I will sit here and stalk ebay and watch anime and wait till i get sleepy. *sigh*


Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

For me the series ended once the seventh book came out... well... actually about 10 hours after that when i finished reading it. But now that the movies are all done and I suppose now that Harry Potter has ended for a whole new group of people, he will just have to live on through fanfics and tributes to the series.

Writer's Block: Marathon sessions

Aside from sleeping and being awake, what is the longest consecutive amount of time you've spent doing one thing? What was it?

 As much as I hate to admit it, it was playing WoW. after Cataclysm came out I spent 49 hours leveling my main (a warlock) from 80 to 85 without a break (unless you count the 10 minutes I was logged out for maintinence). by the end of it I had been awake for 56 consecutive hours... 

Kaylee/Inara Fanfic Challenge

Title: Here Goes Nothing
Timeline: Near the begining of 'the train job', the events leading up to Inara brushing Kaylee's hair.
Rating: PG - ish...
Pairing: Kaylee/Inara
Prompts: 'Anger' and to a lesser extent, 'soft' and 'lets get a drink'
Disclaimer: all belongs to Joss Whedon... i'm just playing with the characters for my own amusement.
Summary: the engine room got ripped apart for a reason, and it had nothing to do with space monkeys.
Notes: ok... this isnt how I envisioned this turning out but i like it anyway... silly fic running away from me... also... this was meant to be short... how did it end up being about 2000 words???

AN: just a little something I wrote for the fic rewatch challened over at whedonland... check it out if you havent already... its a great com for all whedonites!